Here's one approach to editing/creating sounds on the micron. The parameters are mapped to the XYZ knobs in order to make the process quick and easy.

First, record a 2 bar pattern using the phrase button in program mode. Keep the phrase and latch buttons lit. Then, for each step (below) play any note so the pattern repeats over and over. Both hands are now free to twiddle away on the XYZ knobs. Press store when you get a sound you like.

I generally start building the sound in this order and set the knobs accordingly:

1. oscillators

  X=waveform, Y=waveshape, Z=pitch(with 2+ osc)

2. envelope

  X=attack time, Y=decay time, Z=sustain time; use control knob for release

3. filter/env

  X=freq, Y=resonance, Z=env amount; substitute flt env parameters

4. LFO


5. drive

  X=type, Y=level, Z=pgm level

The same can be done to play with pre/post mix since all parameters can be assigned to XYZ knobs.

Mapping the (x/y/z) knobs

Any parameter may be mapped to the x, y, or z knobs.
When the parameter is on the screen, simply hold down the control knob and wiggle the knob that you want to map to.

NRPN values will have either a 0, 2 or 4 added to their byte 0x63 value for Knob X, Y, Z respectively.