How to dynamically gain content from your MiniakEdit

Steve Hookings

So a few folks mentioned about this Sonar product. As I use Cubase, I could only speculate what they meant, but I dutifly created a program to generate said output, then asked folks to test it for me. I was deafened by the silence. I also could not find a demo version of Cakewalk's Sonar, so I kind of forgot about it. Until tonight. See, I was doing more Miniaktools research using a combination of my latest prototype and Midi-Ox. I wanted to find a way of sending note on/off data to the Miniak (yes I could use my controller keyboard ... but I wanted to test a theory). And that is when I found an innocent looking menu item in Midi-ox. I got excited. Hopefully you will too.

Here are the steps ... you are welcome!

1 -- Connect your synth upEdit

Midi In from PC to Midi Out of Miniak

Midi Out from PC to Midi In of Miniak

2 -- Load up Midi OxEdit

Choose the USB In/Out's. Configure buffers if necessary

3 -- Send TOC request from MidiOx to MiniakEdit

Do this via the "send and receive" option ... ie type in the string "F0 00 00 0E 26 41 00 04 00 F7", then right click and "Send and receive sysex". Once complete, save the output. In my case I saved it as toc.syx -- if you change the name to protect the innocent, then change the name to protect the innocent consistenly from now on!!


Send and receive output from f0 00 00 0e 26 41 00 04 00 f7

4 -- Download the TOCSysex_Sonar.exe from MiniaktoolsEdit

Run the following command from the "DOS" prompt. TOCSysex_Sonar.exe toc.syx > newMiniak.ins

This simply allows TOCSysex_Sonar.exe to process the toc.syx file you just dumped (from the Miniak) and puts the output into a new file newMiniak.ins -- this is _almost_ ready to load into your DAW. Almost.

5 -- Edit this file ... remove the top/end ... YES I could do this for you. If enough people ask I willEdit


Edit newMiniak,ins file - it should start with .Patch Names -- Remove the END SONAR OUTPUT HERE!

6 -- Copy this ins file to your cakewalk directoryEdit

What you havent got cakewalk? Nope .. me neither. Ah wait this tutorial is about using the cakewalk format file in MidiOX. Copy it to c:\Program Files\MIDIOX\Instr


Copy edited Ins file to MIDI directory

7 -- Use it .. and enjoyEdit

Yes you will be able to EASILY regen this anytime. So copy all those fave files from our site onto your synth. And regen the TOC as many times as you like! What you want to move the Patches on the synth? I can do that ... later!!


Load the ins file


See ... the complete TOC is available to you!!!

8 Eventually I will release this in MiniaktoolsEdit

I am working on more prototypes, the aim being to throw that away and design a properly piece of software .. free of charge. I am getting into Design Patterns (old school hacker I am afraid) but hopefully I will get there soon. In the meantime, consider doing it as above.


Miniaktools can generate Cubase or cakewalk format TOCs for ALL of the Miniak containers.



Steve Hookings