LFO 's

How to delay onset of an LFO

Not a true delay, but a fade-in; works well in most cases. This 
example creates a delayed vibrato effect.  LFO edit: m1>lfo1,0%. Lfo 
rate 5-6 hz.  Mod matrix: mod routing 1: lfo1(sine)>voice pitch 
narrow, level +1.6%.   Mod routing 2: P/M envelope>lfo1 amplitude, 
level +100%, offset -100%.   P/M env edit: attack 1596ms.  Attack 
slope -exp.  Decay .5ms.  Sustain level +100%. Sustain time hold. 
Release 2ms.  The  envelope attack time adjusts the LFO fade-in time. 
To make the LFO fade-in, then fade-out, set env sustain level to 0%, 
then use decay time to adjust the LFO fade-out time.