Ion test mode

To enter Test Mode on ION

To enter Ion test mode: hold down page <left and right> buttons,
then power up.  To check/calibrate pitch and mod
wheels(page 3 of test mode): use clear data knob to move cursor to
desired location(for example, m2 hi). Now move m2 wheel to hi(up)
position and HOLD it there, then press [compare] button. Now move
cursor to m2 lo(down) position, move m2 wheel to lo(down) position
and HOLD it there, then press [compare] button. Now m2 wheel should be
recalibrated. My m2 wheel numbers read: lo,1511. hi,2635. Numbers
will vary somewhat; this is normal. CAUTION: If you move a wheel while
holding down the [compare] button, it will incorrectly calibrate the
wheel. Easy to recalibrate; just follow procedure above. Also, ignore
the pot jitter test; it is overly sensitive. Use the pass/fail test
instead. The midi loop test requires you to plug a cable from midi in 
to midi out.  To exit test mode, turn Ion off, then back on.